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What is IoT Inspector?

IoT Inspector is a platform for automated security analysis of IoT firmware. This is the first simple way to not only examine the IoT device’s firmware for vulnerabilities, but also the compliance with international security standards – without requiring access to source code or network or physical access to the IoT device. Simply upload the firmware, start the analysis and a few minutes later the results will be available.

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The challenge

IoT devices are infiltrating every aspect of our life and some of us probably can’t imagine spending a day without them any more. Both hardware manufacturers and software vendors are challenged by the increasing risk of vulnerabilities in IoT devices that goes hand in hand with that development.

Vulnerabilities in IoT devices are constantly exploited by attackers to access confidential corporate data, steal user information or inject dormant malware. IoT Inspector is the necessary tool to analyze firmware of a product against potential threats.

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Effortless security

  • Detect vulnerabilities in the firmware of IoT devices
  • Check firmware for conformity or non-conformity with the most essential IoT security standards
  • No source code required
  • No network connectivity required
  • Instant results, comprehensive reporting and alerting
  • Covers a broad range of IoT devices, including IP cameras, routers, printers, and many more
  • Integrate into risk management and software development tools
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