IoT Inspector Industry News Q3 2021

Our researchers have been very busy over the past months, and recently responsibly disclosed severe security vulnerabilities in RealTek SDKs that affect hundreds of thousands of IoT devices from at least 65 (!) manufacturers. While a patch was provided by RealTek, the vulnerabilities were exploited by a botnet just days after they were released.

This real-world example highlights once again the importance of supply chain transparency and permanent security evaluations. The good news? IoT Inspector Monitoring continuously analyzes your IoT firmware for newly discovered security threats and compliance violations – every day! Head to your IoT Inspector account to get started, or simply get in touch for more details.

We have also updated our pricing for even more transparency and flexibility. Regardless of the size and nature of your business, IoT Inspector has the perfect offer for you and your clients. To discuss the best solution for your security requirements, please reach out to our sales team.


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Swisscom Startup Challenge (Online):

We are pretty proud to be among the 10 finalists of the Swisscom Startup Challenge 2021, which aims at “boosting the future of cybersecurity”. We’d appreciate your vote – it only takes a few seconds!

ECO Internet Security Days, September 16 – 17 (Online):

Our business development expert Alexander Kehl will represent IoT Inspector at the ECO Internet Security Days with a keynote on securing IoT supply chains. Sign up to join the virtual conference (in German).

All the best and #makeIoTsecure,

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