IoT Inspector at MWC 2022 – let’s meet!  

IoT Inspector will exhibit at the Mobile World Congress 2022. You'll be there as well? Awesome, let's meet!

Router Iot Security Test
Hackers welcome: Major security test uncovers vulnerabilities in all common Wi-Fi routers

A major security check by IT magazine CHIP and IoT Inspector uncovers vulnerabilities in all Wi-Fi routers by…

Pwn2Own: IoT Inspector Research Lab uncovers vulnerabilities in Cisco router

The IoT Inspector Research Lab successfully identified new vulnerabilities in a Cisco router.

Extended EU RED directive enforces higher IoT security by 2024

To protect businesses and consumers, the EU raises the bar for manufacturers and distributors of IoT devices.

Rsa Conference Iot Inspector 2022
IoT Inspector at RSA 2022 – let’s meet!  

We are looking forward to attending RSA 2022. You'll be there as well? Awesome, let's meet at our booth!

How Swisscom saves $ 400,000 per avoided IoT security incident through automated firmware analysis

Swisscom takes firmware security seriously and saves $400,000 per avoided faulty software rollout.

Iot Inspector News
Jan C. Wendenburg appointed new CEO of IT security specialist IoT Inspector

Jan C. Wendenburg takes over the reins of the company specialized in the security testing of IoT device firmware.

Iot Inspector News
IoT Inspector Industry News Q3 2021

News, advisories, events, and more: Discover our latest industry update.